Precautions for Parks, Tot Lots and Splash Pads Will Remain Closed

To the Communities with Parks and Pools:

When the Governor allowed Pools and Parks to open, this came with specific guidelines to follow.    Unfortunately, in the case of Parks, Homeowner Associations cannot economically adhere to the sanitation guidelines and are considered High Touch Areas.    The service of daily cleaning can run more than $200 per week per structure.    In addition, the recommended sanitation stations would likely be vandalized as the parks are unattended and the inability to restock.

The Parks and amenities will remain closed until the Governor, CDC and/or general counsel provide new requirements for opening.  The board will re-visit these requirements at that time.

Please refer to the link for more information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on parks

Thank you and we appreciate your attention to these directives.  Stay well!